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The Elusive Signature Scent and Natural Perfumery

My mother possessed a nose for lovely perfumes and often gifted me with a bottle. A couple became Signature Scents for me at various times. I discovered Tuberose and Sandalwood transport me back in time to special experiences in my childhood among family friends in Old Hawaii, a time of innocence, steeped in nostalgia and a pentimento of the exotic, a world long since faded away. For others, Tuberose is deeply sensual and to be used with care.  So much is individual, as well as the formulation. Scent carries memory and tells a story. 

In search of my Signature Scent, I'm drawn to the process of making my own Natural Perfume.  I ordered a book, Foundation of Natural Perfumery, by Ayala Moriel, which is the outline and class notes from her 9 month class in Natural Perfumery. Tonight, the fascinating book arrived–so much to learn! 

I have a preliminary impression of the perfume I hope to create, using scents I love, which I think might work together harmoniously. Heart notes of Jasmine, Tuberose, Orange Blossom, perhaps a little Gardenia and Rose.  Base notes–Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vetiver, Vanilla, Oakmosss, Labdanum, Ambretta, Cedar. Top notes elude me for now–I think maybe some Bergamot, Neroli, Pink Peppercorn. There will be more I am sure.  

Once feel ready, I'll order a few organic oils to begin from  Lotus Garden Botanicals.   Art, creativity, science, sacred ritual, healing–all aspects of the alchemical process of Perfumery.  

What scents to you love? Do you have a Signature Scent? If so, what is it? Have you ever created your own Natural Perfume?  I'd love to hear your comments!

🖤 Mara


Fragrantica:  An Encyclopedia of Fragrance.

Tuberose: The Harlot of Perfumery.

Lotus Garden Botanicals:  Top shelf natural perfume and essential oils.

Ayala Moriel Handbook of Natural Perfumery