The Simple Beauty of an all Black Wardrobe

“I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.”
Emmanuelle Alt, Former Editor Vogue Paris

I’m one of those people who live in black, having discovered the simplicity, the beauty, the elegance of wearing (almost) all black.

The transition to black was organic & over time, as my sense of who I am as a woman matured & emerged in an expression of my own style, and I moved in the direction of a uniform, though without necessarily using that word. Nothing loud, nothing demanding attention, but classic understatement.

I do occasionally wear some other neutral shades—white shirts, blue jeans, white jeans, some gray (tweed jackets), blue silk & cotton shirts, colorful scarves, but pretty much everything else in my wardrobe is black.

One does not need nearly as many clothes or outfits when wearing black—only a few quality pieces, which if chosen with an “editor’s eye”, can be mixed & matched, with endless creativity in the use of design & fabric, or as a backdrop for a beautiful scarf or shawl.

Less truly is more 🖤.

Stay tuned for curated mostly black outfit inspiration in the coveted chic French style 🖤.

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